The Salchichon Cular is a sausage made with meat exclusively from D.O. Teruel pork (lean meat and bacon meat and fat) with several spices added that grant it an aromatic sweet homogeneous taste. It's stuffed into a natural gut with a characteristic shape. 

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Características / Details

INGREDIENTS Magro, pork bacon, Lactose, salt, dextrose, spices, stabilizer E-450i, antioxidant E-316, preservative E-252 and colorant E-120
CONSERVACION Keep in a cold and dry place. Open 10 min before consuming
NUTRITIONAL Sodium: 1476.6mg Energy: 449Kcal/1858kj Proteins: 24.76g Carbohydrates: 2.39g Total Fats: 37.6g Saturated Fats: 18.09g Trans Fats: less than 0.01g Sugars: 2.24g

Más Información / More Info

It has a marbled purple colour and is naturally cured hung for months in our cellars.This is a sausage to enjoy with bread and olive oil or in a platter along with other cured meats.  



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