The Rubielos Salchichón de Montaña sausage is a cured meat made with exclusively D.O. Teruel pork meat, mostly fore leg meat, then spiced to achieve a sweet aromatic and homogeneous taste. 

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Características / Details

INGREDIENTS Magro, pork bacon, salt, corn maltodextrin, acidity regulator E-327, spices, dextrose, antioxidant E-331, E-316; preservatives E-262, E252; colorant E-120.
CONSERVACION Keep in a cool and dry place. Open 10 minutes before consuming
NUTRITIONAL Sodium: 1659.2mg Energy: 405Kcal/1684kj Proteins: 30.29g Carbohydrates: 2.82g Totals Fats: 30.1g Saturated fats: 12.02g trans fats: less than 0.01g Sugars: 1.52g

Más Información / More Info

The meat is finely minced, stuffed in natural gut which lends its particular shape, then cured for 50 days in a cellar. This product is sold in a two unit pack weighting about 430 gr. Colour is an intense marbled purple, to be enjoyed alone, on a sandwich or pintxo, or along other meats on a platter. 

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