The secallona is a typical cured sausage made with pork meat (mostly fore leg and lean meat) with salt and pepper that act as natural preservatives. Only meat from pork slaughtered for our D.O. Teruel hams is used. 

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Características / Details

INGREDIENTS Lean pork, bacon, salt, lactose, dextrose, starch, pepper, antioxidant E-331, E-316, preservative E-250, E-252, sherry.
CONSERVACION Keep in a cool and dry place. Open 10 minutes before consuming.
NUTRITIONAL Sodium: 1527.9mg Energy: 418Kcal/1756kj Proteins: 27.52g Carbohydrates: 3.1g Total Fats: 32.7g Saturated Fats: 13.13g Trans Fats: less than 0.01g Sugars: 2.24g

Más Información / More Info

Curing is done naturally hung for months in curing cellars exactly like our ancestors have done for ages. This product is sold in a two unit pack weighting about 440 gr.

This is a sausage to be eaten on his own, as part of a choice of other sausages and cheeses or, as is generally the case in Spain, with bread and olive oil. 

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