This piece is the central part of ham from D.O. Teruel hams and are 100% made in our own facilities in Rubielos de Mora, Teruel, Spain, one of the six spanish cities to be considered Slow City (CittaSlow). 

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Características / Details

INGREDIENTS Duroc pork ham, salt, dextrose, preservative E-250, E-252, antioxidant E-301.
CONSERVACION Keep in a cool and dry place. Open 10 minutes before consuming.
NUTRITIONAL Sodium: 1921mg Energy: 382Kcal/1588kj Proteins: 28.46g Carbohydrates: menos de 0.1g Total Fats: 29.60g Saturated Fats: 11.62g Trans Fats: less than 0.1g Sugars: less than 0.1g

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We slice the ham at exactly the right thickness and with a precise cut, and vacuum package for it to keep its taste and aroma. This piece is the central part of ham. 


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