Joselito hams are widely recognized as a gourmet jewel, made today exactly as it was made in the XIX century, and being one of the most appreciated luxury meat products in the world. It's made with exclusively Iberian pork, free ranging in the dehesas where they feed exclusively on grass and acorn. 

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Características / Details

INGREDIENTS ham, sea salt.
CONSERVACION Keep in a cool dry place. Remove from the mesh and leave only with a cloth over the court.
NUTRITIONAL Energy: 328Kcal / 1371Kj Proteins: 29.2g Carbohydrates: less than 0.8g Sugars: 0g Total Fats: 23.5g Saturated Fats: 8.2g Monoinsaturated Fats: 14.3g Polinsaturated Fats: 1g Trans Fats: 0g dietary fiber: 0g Salt: 2.3g

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It's been widely praised by world renowned chefs and food critics.It has a gold to pink fat, so soft it melts in the mouth, with a soft, delicate, slightly sweet taste. Just sublime